The Story Behind London Directory

Built on our conviction that future of web is local, London Directory cuts through clutter to deliver the best that London has to offer.



London Business Directory is built to help millions of Londoners & tourists discover and experience London like never before.

We make this happen by tirelessly collecting, analysing, verifying and maintaining up-to-date business information with the help of avid Londoners and our on-the-ground enthusiasts. Business information on London Directory, therefore, not only comes from local business owners, but also from other sources including reputable third party content suppliers. This means we can provide comprehensive, verified and up to date local information on more London businesses.

Our rich editorial content, business directory, classifieds, reviews, booking & reservation and shopping system, coupled with local deals, news & insights make London Directory a go to source for everything in London that you love.


Our mission is making doing business easier for millions of Londoners and tourists whilst keeping them up to date with the latest happenings in and around London 24/7. As a market place made exclusively for London based consumers and business owners, it delivers accurate search results organised by relevance and location so users can easily find what they’re looking for.

Instead of indexing the Web, and searching for right answers, London Directory comes right out and asks Londoners for reviews on verified local businesses – delivering more valuable and useful local information and insights.

Not only that, London Directory also provides e-commerce and payment tools allowing Londoners to buy from a trust worthy business right away saving both the consumer and businesses valuable time and resources. For instance, Londoners can find and choose a local lawyer, doctor, or restaurant based on various parameters – such as location and reviews – book and pay for an consultation or a table right away and benefit from a discount deal that a business may offer – all in one place on London Directory.

What’s more, London Directory also provides updates on the latest and greatest business openings & other happenings in and around London.

Business owners can sign up for free business listings and account to showcase their businesses and interact with customers, and with a premium account they can advertise and sell online, accept online reviews, bookings and payments and offer deals and promotions – something that was cost prohibitive for millions of local businesses before.

Being mobile-friendly makes finding the right business easy when you’re on-the-go. Together, these features add up to make London Directory a much more enjoyable and easier experience for consumers, and a winning advertising proposition for businesses in London.

We empower based businesses and consumers to connect to buy, sell and recommend all in one place without them having to worry about maintaining expensive marketing, website and eCommerce systems.

“The Future of the Web is local.” – Fraz Wahlah”

Strategic Alliances

We welcome interest from investors and partners who share our vision: “Future of the web is local.” Kindly direct all investment and partnership queries regarding London Directory, our technology and projects to: hello[at] and we will get back to you.

Accolades & Leadership

London Directory has been featured on Tech.London – a ground-breaking collaboration between Mayor of London, Gust, and IBM connecting and supporting London’s expanding entrepreneurship ecosystem. London Directory is also an approved publisher on some of the world’s greatest publishing platforms.

We’re led by tech entrepreneur and barrister Fraz Wahlah, who has been a driving force behind leading healthcare technology systems in the USA. His awards and honours include, among others, the 10th International Asia Pacific Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) Merit Award, known as the Oscar of international tech industry, which he won in 2010 in eHealth category.

Fraz has been featured on some of the most prestigious media outlets worldwide including the BBC, CIO Magazine, Dawn, InfoWorld, ComputerWorld, CSO and Tech London in the USA, Norway, Germany, Malaysia, Pakistan and the UK.

Fraz Wahlah is based out of London and Lahore and is also a member of the Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn in England, UK.

A more detailed profile for Fraz can be found at this link.

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