Watch Double Rainbow Over Jeremy Corbyn’s Rally in Birmingham

Jeremy Corbyn and Rainbow Birmingham Labour Rally
Jeremy Corbyn and the Rainbow at Birmingham Labour Rally

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn delivered a barnstorming speech at a star studded rally in Birmingham last night, just 36 hours before the general elections.

Mr Corbyn appeared on stage alongside hit dance act Clean Bandit, activist Saffiyah Khan, and comedian Steve Coogan at the rally, which drew thousands of supporters to cheer him on.

Saffiyah Khan Jeremy Corbyn Steve Coogan Birmingham
Jeremy Corbyn, Steve Coogan & Saffiyah Khan

As he spoke, a double rainbow appeared above the crowd which many thought was symbolic of his message of hope.

James Atkins commented on the video on London Directory’s Youtube Channel:

“‘Oh beautiful rainbow, cord of elements combined. Oh beautiful vision, gone with the storm or true light.’ My thoughts on rainbows: storm clouds tend to obliterate them as does the true light of political / economic reality. Happy voting everyone.”

Another user Davide Cantelmo commented: “Hi! This is brilliant and one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen.”

Watch the video of Jeremy addressing the crowd with the rainbow in the background and share it with your friends on Social Media.

Video Credit: Fraz Wahlah


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